Basic Principle

We have been taking into consideration of the local environment and keep on making our continuous effort to preserve and improve the global environment through the sales activities of optoelectronics technological products to the every field.

Basic Policy

    1. In order to reduce the environmental loading, we build and operate and maintain the Environmental Management System.  We are trying to prevent the pollution and to improve it continuously.
    2. We observe the environmental side element related law and any other requirements, which we had agreed.
    3. Because following activities are important for our company management, we determine the improvement and maintaining targets to improve efficiency of the business management.
      A) To sell new optoelectronics technological products (To reduce the life cycle cost by eco-friendly products).
      B) To improve the causes of impeding the sales activity (To decrease a defective products).
      C) To improve the internal related activities (To prevent an ordering mistake, erroneous dispatch from the foreign vendor).
      D) To promote a green purchasing, including harmful substances management.

We widely disseminated these environmental policy to our employees and a cooperative company, also publicity on our web page.

19th Jan 2015
Toshiaki IKEDA, CEO

High-Tech Corporation acquired environmental management system ISO 14001 certification by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. on 5th Oct 2015.


ISO14001 C2015-02573