Made In Japan !
High Precision Metal Processing Products (Precision Roller Needle, Shaft, Pin gauge)

  • Various Material is available. Small lot is welcome.
  • Full order made by SUJ2, Tungsten, Molybdenum etc.
  • Precision cutting, high-precision polishing and Fusion of mirror finish. Heat treatment.
  • We can do the integrated production including fabricating technique, not using outsourcing.  Therefore, we can save the cost and lead time.

    Submicron Size High Precision Roller Needle

    Application : Reducer

    Place where mechanism part is rotated. In the area where load is applied, deterring effect and adjustment part of gear etc.

    Features : Special shape possible like as nut shape.

    Anyway, For the uses for stopping!Cutting, heat treatment, polishing, glossy finish possible

    Special barrel (R processing on micron scale)

    Piston Shaft

    Application:Oil pump. Inflow and discharge of oil amount by piston. Minor adjustable with precision shaft. For the point of not acceptable variations in inner and outer diameters.

    Gear pump. Drone pesticide sprays etc.

    Blood cell analyzer. Inflow and discharge of reagent by piston. The specular shaft prevents damage to the contact part and prevents liquid leakage.

    Bicycle brake. Corrosion resistance

    Movable shaft for inspection equipment

    Features:Specular intensity RZ1

    Move with ball bearing.

    Special / complicated shape shaft ①

    Features: Normally, even one shape that requires arrangement by separate manufacturers depending on the processing part, we can polish and process without using outsourcing. It makes your staff to be free from complicated ordering job and greatly shorten the lead time.

    Extremely small roller

    Application : It is an indispensable part in places where control of speed reducer and moving parts is required. While robots and automatic processing are progressing, needs are explodingly increasing.

    Special / complicated shape shaft ②

    Features: We can polish and process a wide variety of shapes with our company. It is possible to shorten the lead time. Mass production is also possible.

    Special / complicated shape shaft

    Features: Longer taper machining in small form is possible.
    Higher intensity product (HV1,000 or more) Non-magnetic product (HV 430 or more)